Thursday, December 27, 2007

last night

walked ~2.5 miles

last monday

another out of town workout; did a workout with barbell (50 lbs)

squat thrusters
romanian deadlifts
twisted pushups
leg lower/raise

didn't record the numbers

last saturday

ran 3 miles

worked out doing front squats, snatches, military presses, pushups, crunch twists with medicine ball, and rows (can't remember weight reps, I was using dumbells at the hospital center in my hometown).

walked 1.5 miels

last friday night

ran 3 miles

Friday, December 21, 2007


got down right sick by wednesday night. Took Thursday off. May run or walk today after work if I'm feeling almost back.


ran 2.5 miles in morning.

last tues

ran 2 1/4 miles.

25 pushups, 8 pullups, 15 leg lower/raises, 15 situps





Tuesday, December 18, 2007

sunday and monday

Sun: ran 2.5 miles

Monday: ran 2.5 miles, walked 2.5 miles

Thursday, December 13, 2007


ran 2.5 miles, walked .5 miles

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

last night's workout

Kind of a weak workout, not sure why:

front squats (88lb): 10, 10, 10

military press kbell (2 x 44lb): 5, 4 (+ 2 push press), 2

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


walked about 5 miles throughout day

Monday, December 10, 2007

yesterday (sunday)

did a set of each exercise before repeating, same order:

dumbell curl (20lb) : 10l/10r, 10l/10r, 5l/5r + 5 simultaneous

chest press (machine): level 9 x 12 ; 10 x 10 ; 10 x 10

pull down (machine): level 10 x 8; 9 x 8; 8 x 8

one-arm bent row dumbell (45lb): 8l/8r, ---, ----

two-arm seated row (machine): -----, level 11 x 8, 10 x 8

legs straight down and raise (lying down, trying to keep lower back flat on ground): 4, 4, 4

last saturday

ran 2 miles

last friday

did one set of each exercise before repeating:

kbell swing (44lb): 20, 20, 20

double kbell clean/jerk (88lb): 7, 5 (clean/jerk) + 3 (clean), 5 (clean/jerk) + 3 (jerk only)

kbell snatch (44lb): 10l/10r , 10l/10r, 10l/10r

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Props to Pops

Props to my dad for finishing his first marathon today despite gnarly quad AND hamstring cramps for the last 5 miles.

He had to take 3 weeks off just prior to it due to ankle-itis but was still able to grind it out come race day. I gonna give him many homebrews to celebrate his feat.

Friday, December 7, 2007

thursday (off)

Just went for a walk yesterday, thats it...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Going to just run today, no lifting, probably approximately 3-4 miles at moderate speed (probably 30-35 minutes):

Ran about 3 1/4 - 3 1/2 miles at decent pace ~ 28-30 minutes. (I don't time it)

workout last night

warm up: starsky and hutch karate, pushups and plank pose; jumping around and messin with medicine ball

Workout: alternating exercises, 1 set of each before repeating an exercise

Deadlift (KBell) (88lb) set 1: 12 set 2: 12 set 3: 10

Pull-ups set 1: 8 (slowww) set 2: 8 (slowww) set 3: 7 (slowww)

Push ups set 1: --- set 2: --- set 3: --

Kb chest press (88lb) set 1: 7 set 2: 7 set 3: 5

Crunch set 1: 20 set 2: 20 set 3: 20

Side Bends (44lb) set 1: 6/6 set 2: 6R/6L set

One-arm Bent Row (44lb) set 1: 6R/6L set 2: 6R/4L

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Last Night (mon)

exercises alternated each set, not same exercise for 3 sets:

front squat: 10, 10, 8

Military/Push Press: 5/3 (push) ; 4/2 (push) + 2 left (push) , 4 right (mil) ; 3 + 2 left (push) / 1right (mil) + 2 right (push)

reason for changing is because my arms are not even in shoulder strength and the needle for momentum is much different for each side.

Sunday Night

Wild dancing to bluegrass and 1970's karate for like 45 minutes until I was sweatin puddles

Friday, November 30, 2007

workout plan

Today will be fun explosive lifts w/ kettlebell: Some combination of swings, double-bell cleans, and one-arm snatches (double snatches will have to wait until I get strong shoulders). Will post workout and numbers below:


(exercise): set 1; set 2; set 3
Alternating exercise each time : swings --> clean ---> snatch ; help speed things up, keep intensity up

Swings: 20, 20, 20

Double Cleans (88lb total): 10, 6, 4 + 3 single left + 3 single right

Snatch: 7 left/10R ; 10L/10R; 7L/6R

Thursday, November 29, 2007

today's workout

walked a mile. Ran 2.5 miles.

Workout last evening

Warm-up: jumping around, Co-Jack karate, medicine ball, etc...


Deadlift (KBell) (88lb) set 1: 10 set 2: 10 set 3: 10

Pull-ups set 1: 7 (slowww) set 2: 8 (faster) set 3: 7 (faster)

Push ups set 1: 12 set 2: --- set 3: 8

Kb chest press (88lb) set 1: --- set 2: 6 set 3: 4

Crunch/Twist set 1: 20 set 2: 15 set 3: 20

Side Bends (44lb) set 1: --- set 2: 5R/5L set 3: 5R/5L

Bent Row (44lb) set 1: 10R/8L set 2: 9R/7L set 3: 8R/8L

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

workout yesterday

warm-up: running around jumping, 1970's style karate moves, 25 kbell swings

set 1 legs: front squats (two 44lb kbell) x 10

set 1 arms: two arm shoulder press with kettlebell (44lbs each) x 4 + 4 push press (using a little momentum)

set 2 legs: front squats x 8

set 2 arms: 3 two arm shoulder press + 4 right arm push press + 2 left arm push press (arms died quick, also from holding weight in squats)

set 3: front squats x 6

set 3: 3 left arm push press + 3 right arm push press (arms have died, maybe need to rest more between squats/arms next time)

walked about 3 miles throughout the day at work and after dinner

Plan for today:

deadlifts, pull-ups, flat ground chest press/pushups, bent over rows, situps (likely 3 sets per each)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


walked about 3.5 miles

Monday, November 26, 2007

week off

Only exercise I've been getting during this week off is some walking and some hauling/lifting involved in bottling my first batch of homebrew. Will resume on wednesday.

I plan to to start getting more cut up now. I'm up to close to 170 pounds which is a good point to get myself ripped again. I'm going to do this buy including more cardio in my exercise plans (jogging, basketball, high rep kettlebell stuff) and buy avoiding junky/extremely starchy foods more (not completely, because that would suck ass).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

yesterday, last workout before week off

warm up with some double bell cleans and presses and with medicine ball

front squats with two 44lb kettlebells

set 1 x 9

set 2 x 8

set 3 x 7

2 sets of swings x 20 (44lb)

two sets of side bends with 1 kb x 5 reps/set

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

This morning

walked 1.5 miles before work

I've missed a couple of posts....

Mostly because I am brewing a batch of beer and it has been consuming my online activity.... Anyhow:


2 sets of power cleans with 70 lbs x 10
front squats with power cleans x 70 lbs.
push press x 10 x 2 with 70 lbs.
bicep curls x 7 x 2


bench press (slow, robotic style)
135 x 10
155 x 8
145 x 8

pull-ups (slowww)
x 10
L-seat x 4 + 3 regular
L-seat x 4 + 2 regular

windmills with 25 lbs
x 5/arm x 2

single leg RDL w/ two 25lb dumbells
x 10 right x 10 left
x 8 right x 8 left

situps with 15 lb. medicine ball

reverse flys laying on medicine ball (trying to counteract my curved in shoulders, seems like everyone has this imbalance to some degree)

walked 1.5 miles

Thursday, November 8, 2007

last night

no breaks:

ran 5 minutes on tread:

15 tight, controlled pushups + 8 slow dips + 12 very slow seated rows (70lbs)

ran 3 minutes on tread:

15 push + 10 very slow seated row (80lb) + 10 edge of seat dips

ran 2 minutes on tread:

15 push + 10 very slowunderhand seated row (80lb) + 6 slow dips

ran 5 minutes on tread (1.25 miles total)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

last night's

warming up punching, dancing, freakin out for about 10 minutes.

jump squats with kbell x 10

front squats x 15

clean/press x 3 L + clean/jerk x 4 L
clean/press x 4 R + clean/jerk x 5 R

L-seat chin ups x 3 + 4 regulars (slowww)

windmills x 3 /arm w/ kbell

snatch x 5L x 8 R

front squat x 15

repeat clean/press and clean/jerk

pull-ups x 3 + neutral grip pullups x 3 (slowww)

side bends x 3 / side with kbell

front squat x 15

snatch x 6L x 9R

pull-ups x 8 (fast rhythm)

A scattered workout but I was just going with it because I was very energized

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


walked about 2.5 hilly miles

Monday, November 5, 2007

last night's workout


EXERCISE : set 1 : set 2 : set 3

SLOW PUSHUPS: 12 : 12 : 11


KBELL CURLS (44lb) (with varied assistance from other hand): 5 / arm (1 set) + RUBBER BAND CURLS: 8 : 8

CRUNCHES (holding 9lb bar above 4 head ) 15 : 15 : 12

Saturday, November 3, 2007


front squats x 20 w/ kbell

snatch x 8 left x 11 right

slow pullups (exploded back up for first 4) x 8

swings x 25

repeat except snatch x 7 left x 9 right

final: single leg squat holding 10lbs straight out in front x 2 right x 0 left


walked 5-6 miles (not so fun)

last tues

1 arm bent rows (using chair to put knee on) x 12/ arm with kbell ; major focus on pulling with taught lat with minimal bicep assistance

12 slow pushups

slow crunches with side to side crunch at top x not counting

repeat x 3

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

last night

2 days prior to last night (saturday):

ran 1 mile, walked 1 mile

Warm up jumping around and with medicine ball:

clean & press to clean and jerk (when shoulder begins to tire):
left x 5 press x 3 jerk right x 7 press x 5 jerk

front squats times 15

L-seat chinup x 4 + 4 regular chin

20 swings

single legs squats x 2 / leg

changes: left x 3 x 3 jerk right x 6 x 4 jerk

L-seat chin x 3 x 3

front squats x 10

extra set of 1 leg squats x 2 / leg

Friday, October 26, 2007

lazy post, need to start doing it immediately after working out, but I don't hav a home comp anymore


repeat oct 9th's workout


repeat weekend workout


3 sets of 1 arm dumbell snatch 45 lbs.

2 sets of 1-2 single leg squats / leg

3 sets of sloww bicep curls with 20 lb dumbells

Monday, October 22, 2007



front squats (barbell) 65 lbs x 18
pushups slow x 12
bent over row 65 lbs x 12
slow crunches x 20


1 extra set of bent over rows

Thursday, October 18, 2007

catch up

Sat oct 13th:

kbell rows, pushups, sits ups,


ran 1 + mile in airport holding 20 lb. bag


ghetto workout in hotel room: slow pushups to fail x 3 sets, crunches x 3 sets, overhead squats holding chair above x 3 sets (ouch)

Friday, October 12, 2007


Tossed disc for about 35 minutes.

Ran a quick ~ 2 miles

Drank 3 pints of guinness for my health

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Played tennis for like 45 minutes or so yesterday

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last night's workout

warm-up: kbell figure 8's, some good mornings, twisting, etc...

sets 1:

5 clean/press left + 5 clean/jerk left
7 clean/press right + 5 clean/jerk right

20 front squat

8 slowwww pullups

20 high swings

sets 2:

5 clean/press left + 3 clean/jerk left
7 clean/press right + 3 clean/jerk right

20 front squat

7 slowwww pullups

20 high swings

right on

Monday, October 8, 2007

missed post

This is for friday night, 05oct2007:

did 2 sets each of unknown quanity of cleans, swings, and snatch. Just made sure that each one was burning seriously before stopping. Yeah, not so scientific, but it was good

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sat 07oct2007:

ran slow ~ 3 miles


1 set single leg deadlift x 12 / leg
1 set x 15 slow front squat
1 set alternating leg/arm raises from table position (all fours) x 12

with brother:
medicine ball situps x ~ 20
medicine ball side tosses ~ 25 x side
medicine ball front tosses ~ 20
medicine ball between the legs swing tosses ~ 20

lots of frisbee tossing

Friday, October 5, 2007


walked 2.5 miles at work

Night workout:

sets 1:
bent over one arm rows with 44lb kbell x 12/arm very slow
pushups, very slow x 15
situps x 25
windmills x 3 right/arm x 2 left/arm

sets 2:
bent over row x 12/arm very slow
slow pushups x 15
hang leg raise x 5 + situp x 15
windmills x 4 r x 3 l

sets 3:
bent over row (on bench) x 15/arm very slow
slow pushups x 15
side bends with kbell x 6/side
windmills x 2/side

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Yesterday: I just walked 2.5 miles at home/work

This morning:

warm up - walk for 8 min

ran for ~ 15

cool down - walk for 5 min

approximately 2 miles total

Man, running after waking up is tough, but given my schedule this week, morning is by far a better time to exercise because I don't get off until 8. And if i workout then, good luck sleeping.

Worktime addition: walked 2 miles between work and when I got home

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

yesterdays workout

Sore ass (literally) today:

yesterday's work:

warm up - jumping jacks, figure 8's with k-bell, a couple swings with k-bell

everything except clean/jerk was done very slow and controlled:

front squats w/ kbell x 15
clean/press: left arm x 5 + clean/jerk x 3 (as shoulder gets tired)
clean/press: right arm x 7 + clean/jerk x 3
chin-ups: 4 in L seat + 4 regular
single-leg romanian deadlift x 10/leg

repeat exactly except clean/press or jerk was:
left: x 4 press + 2 jerk
right: x 7 press + 2 jerk

walked about 2.5 miles as well throughout the day night.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

maintenance post...

So I haven't been posting much lately, i'm going to try and get back into the habit in preperation for when i get locked into a more regimented fitness routine as the beautiful daylight slips away into the cold dark winter again. I have been exercising almost everyday still, lately combining more running into the mix (~2 mile runs, 15-20 minute pace) along with the same kettlebelll program i was doing and also walking and tennis lately. sooo...

Yesterday (29sep):

Ran 1.5 miles, played tennis for 45 minutes.

Today (kettlebell workout):

swings, clean/press (switch to jerk as shoulder wears out), pull up, front squat

swings, snatch, pull up, front squat

SHOOTING FOR: ~25 swings, 7 clean/press/jerk left, 10 right ; 8 slow pull ups ; 20 front squats ; 10 snatches each arm

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ran 2+ miles yesterday at fast pace

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yeah Yeah

So i've been doing the similar kettlebells + pull-ups type work out lately probably 2-3 times per week along with occasional jogging and walking.

I'm not going to resume regular posting until my schedule gets more regular again. (see post week after labor day).

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

two days ago (mon)


everything 1 handed except for swings, pullups, squats

20 swings
8 clean/jerk (left)
10 clean/jerk (right)
10 pull ups
20 pushups
16 front squat
7 snatch (left)
10 snatch (right)

except clean/jerk went down by 2 each
snatch down by 1 left, 2 right
pushups up to 25

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Walked a mile and

Kettlebell workout:

20 swing
7 clean & press left, 10 right
8 pull ups on soccer goal
7 snatch left, 10 snatch right
20 front squats

20 swing
5 clean/press left, 7 right
7 pull ups
6 snatch left, 9 snatch right
20 front squats

Those front squats and swings are killer

I rested probably a max of 1 minute between each thing, kept my heart racing

I may try a workout with more resting at some point and do more reps or more set. Lots of options to vary

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Finally, back to a real workout

So after a couple weeks of moving (and helping others move), partying (bday and others), and taking a vacation, I'm back to a workout. And a hell of one it was (see me ralphing).

I walked 1.5 miles at work

Took the kettlebell out to a little park after work (still about 100 degrees outside at teh time and sticky)

Warm-up: jogged 2 laps around park

Everything with 20 kilo (44lb) kettlebell:

The cycle (short rest between each exercise, 30 sec - 2 minute)

two-handed swing x 20
one-arm clean x 10 x each arm
pull-up x 10
one-arm snatch right x 10
one-arm snatch left x 10
front squat x 20

rested for like 3-4 minutes

two-handed swing x 20
one-arm clean & jerk x 5 (left) , x 7 (right)
pull-up x 10
one-arm snatch left x 4
one-arm snatch right x 6
front squat x 20

(puke) . I dunno it was just the workout, or maybe the heat, but I was straight up cached like I haven't been since high school wrestling practices. I will be doing this workout or very similar for a while because it was quick, fun, painful, and outside in the sunshine. I dig it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


walked 2 miles at work. Moved some furniture.

Monday, August 6, 2007

weekend off from everything. Walking and helping m' laday move in and probably some kettlebells for the beginning of this week

Friday, August 3, 2007

5 days

Walked about 2.7 miles today when I got home putting me just over 30 miles for the last 5 days.

at work

3.25 miles at work bring me to 27.5 for the week. 2.5 + a little extra when I get home for a total of 30+ miles for 5 days. I was sore on day 2, now my legs feel strong.

Yesterday (Thursday)

Walked 3 miles at work + 4 3/4 miles at home for 7 3/4 total.

Total since monday: 24 1/4 miles. Shooting for 30 for this mon-friday.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


walked for 1.5 miles at work, then 4.25 miles when I got home.


2-hand swings x 20

1 arm clean x 10 x each arm

1 arm snatch x 5 (right arm)

1 arm press and hold (left) x 10-15 seconds x 2 (left arm/shoulder not yet strong enough to do snatches safely)

pull-ups x 10 (very slowly)

Thats puts me around 16 1/2 miles for teh last 3 days. Gonna shoot for at least 25 through Friday, gotta make sure I don't end up with puffy knees though. (or sand in my sniz for that matter)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

today's work

walked ~5 1/2 miles.

kettbell swings x 10; x 5

kettlebell clean x 7 x each arm

snatches (right) x 8

clean (left) x 5

Monday, July 30, 2007

Yesterday and today

Yesterday's workout:

Ultimate frisbee for an hour.

Kettlebell (44lb):
20 two-arm swings x 2
10 one leg romanian deadlifts x 2 (1 set each leg)
8 one-arm clean x 2 sets w/ each arm
10 one-arm snatch (right)
5 one-arm snatch (left, had to stop, need to strengthen my left shoulder)
8 one-arm press (right)
5 one-arm press (left)

Kettlebell workouts are hard and fun


walked for a little more than 5 miles


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Went for a 45 minute walk last night.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

kettlebells and stuff

Last night I did a home kettlebell/pull-up workout:

Everything was with my one 44lb kettlebell

Basically did a couple sets of swings (two and one arm), and did some practice sets of cleans with each hand. I also did a couple of snatches for the first time (right arm only at this point). It does not take much work with the kettlebell to get you sweatin pretty hard.

I also did two sets of chins, 10 reps each.

I will probably be doing a bit of these kind of workouts as I try and get more skilled with the kettlebell, because my current gym membership is expired at the moment, and because i'm still trying to get settled in to my new place.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Still Here

Yeah, its been a while. Between moving and my birthday, my exercise has consisted of mostly moving heavy shit, playing vball, and golf. I will likely continue to just do running or kettlebell liftin at home until I've finished unpacking and organizing everything. Then i'll get back on the train.

Friday, July 20, 2007

last night

Did alot of party walking again. I'm going to have to enter some competitions for this. Man I feel like a zombie at work right now.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


walked 40 minutes (~2 miles) tonight

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

tonight's workout

warm-up: sauna, dumbell windmills with 15 lbs dumbells, stiff leg deadlifts with bar, 95 lb deadlift, 135 lb deadlift

set 1: 165 x 5
set 2: 175 x 5
set 3: 185 x 5
set 4: 195 x 5
set 5: 205 x 5 (had to grind these out with pause between the last 4)

Single-legged Romanian deadlifts w/ 20 lb dumbell in each hand
set 6: left leg x 10
set 7: right leg x 10
break set: dumbell windmill x 5 with each arm/side bend
set 8: left x 9
set 9: right x 8

Good stuff, the last set of deadlifts were scream hard.

I will be sore tomorrow

Monday, July 16, 2007

This past weekend

So I didn't hit the scheduled workouts this weekend. Instead I had a kickass time playing volleyball, disc golf, and doing a little drunken walking (form of training similar and often combined with drunken boxing; tiger-style). I have a weird left rib pain goin on possibly from one of the afformentioned activities. I am going to give it overnight to see if it simmers down a bit and just walk tonight instead of deadlifting, which I plan for tomorrow at this point. Its a journey, not a race.

And i'm getting better and better at kettlebell cleans, swings, and presses. I dig it.


Friday, July 13, 2007

last night's workout

Walked 20 minutes and 15 at lunch.

Last Night:

warm up: chins and shoulder presses with bar


1: chins (+45lb x 5) AND barbell shoulder press (100lb x 6)

2: slow perfect form pull-ups x 7 AND shoulder press (100lb x 5)

3: chins (+45lb x 3 + 90 degree hang for 5 seconds) AND shoulder press (100lb x 5)

4: slow perfect form pull up x 6 AND dips (+60lbs x 6)

5: L-set chin x 7 AND dips (+60lbs x 6)

6: Towel grip chins x4 AND dips (+60lbs x 6)

regular set 7: one-arm snatch 40lbs x 10 (left)

set 8: ditto (right)

I was playing with my new kettlebell too. I was able to begin performing the one-arm clean (after smashing in into my forearm a couple times). I am exciting about some of the new exercises I will be able to do with this, I will probably practice them on a daily basis for the most part to get comfortable. I think the 20 kilo (44lb) was a good weight to start and learn with.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This morning:

Warm-up in sauna for 5, warm up with body weight squats and squat with bar, squats with 95lbs and 115 lbs.

set 1: 125 x 6

2: 135 x 6

3: 145 x 6

4: 155 x6 (multiple breaths between 4, 5, 6 rep)

5: 155 x 6 (multiple heavy breaths between each rep)

6: front squat (95 lbs x 6)

7: 40 lbs. one arm dumbell snatch x 10 (left)

8: ditto for right arm x 9

Notes: My left hip flexor was sore when I woke up for who knows what reason. It had a little twinge of pain and the bottom position when I was warming up, which subsided once I put some weight on the bar. It is fairly sore afterward, maybe I have a little strain on that one due to whatever imbalances exist in my leg/hip/etc. structure. Hopefully this will just fade out like most little pains.


Monday, July 9, 2007

walked 30 minutes this morning and 30 minutes tonight. Tomorrow morning is squat time again.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Workout yesterday:

1 - Warm-up: good mornings with bar, side bends holding 20 lb dumbell overhead; deadlifts 95 lbs x 8, 135 x 5

set 1: 155 x 5
2: 175 x 5
3: 185 x 5
4: 195 x 5
5: 205 x 4

Single leg romanian deadlifts holding 2 20lb dumbells:

set 1 (left): x 10
set 2 (right): x 10
set 3 (left): x 9
set 4 (right): x 10

more side bends with overhead dumbell (20lbs): 2 sets (left, right) x 6 bends

I'm sore today in my whole back and butt and legs, nice...

Thanks for the inspiration Carl Edwards

Friday, July 6, 2007

Get it

last night workout:


1 - chins (+45 lbs x 5 ) & military press (95 x 5)

2 - pull-up (+45lbs x 3 and hang at 90 degree elbow for 5 sec) & military press (100 x 5)

3 - towel-grip chin x 6 & military press (105 x 4)

4 - L-set chin x 8 & dip (+60lbs x 6)

5 - chins (+45lbs x 3 and hang at 90 degree elbox for 5 seconds, hang at 135 degree for 5) & dip (+60 x 6)

6 - triple set: pull-ups x 6 slow AND 8 two-arm dumbell snatch w/ 20 lbs each arm AND 6 one-arm snatch w/ 20 lbs with left then right arm.

Then I stayed out till three with birthday boy during which time I fed my body with beer and walked probably about 1.5 miles.

I need to actually get some sleep this weekend.

We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I played volleyball for about 3 hours yesterday. That shite is a killer workout, my legs and back are tore up.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Did squat last night

warm-up in sauna for 15 minutes, did some bodyweight squats and squats with the bar to warm up.

set 1: overhead squats (45 lbs x 6)

set 2: overhead squat (45lbs x 6)

warm-up: backsquat (95lbs x 8) , (115 x 6)

All sets were full backsquats (ass to grass)

set 1: 125 x 5

set 2: 135 x 5

set 3: 145 x 5

set 4: 155 x 5 (took breaths before last 2 reps)

set 5: 155 x 5 (took deep breaths between each rep)

set 6: 135 x 5

set 7: front squat 95 lbs x 5 (just to keep fresh how they feel)

One-Arm power snatch (dumbells)

set 1 (left): 40 lbs x 9

set 2 (right): 40lbs x 9

cool down: 10 minutes on treadmill

Monday, July 2, 2007


I was at the beach for a week where I did some pushups, pullups, situps, squats (bodyweights) and tons of swimming. I plan to get back into my workouts either tonight or tomorrow after work depending if I end up playing volleyball or disc golfing after I get off or not.

Welcome in the golden month.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Beach workout

More beach (equipment-less for the most part workout):

walked laps barefoot around my apartment complex, at the halfway points of each lap:

superset @ . 1 - 30 pushups, 30 situps

superset @ .2 - 30 hindu squats, 10 pullups/chins/neutral grip chins

I walked 3 laps and did one extra set of each thing for a total of eight supersets

I will probably try and do this workout every day at the beach (leaving tomorrow till sat)


beach/anti-hangover workout

Yesterday was a beach/anti-hangover workout (or so I'll call it):

supersets of pull-ups/pushups/curls/two-arm dumbell power snatches/single-leg romanian deadlifts/tricep dips on the futon in various combinations in between cleaning parts of my apartment. I have no clue exactly how much of any I was doing. I was dripping sweat by the end, either from being loaded with coffee and hungover or from hard work, no one will ever truly know. Anyhow, it was fun and a change of pace.

I also went to the driving range and hit about 50 balls or so.

Tonight I might go for a jog or walk in between packing for my trip. I will bring my medicine ball and pull up bar and a couple dumbells to the beach for some more ghetto workouts.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today's workout

Front squats, warm up with bar and then bar + 95

set 1: 115 x 6

set 2: 135 x 6

set 3: 145 x 5

set 4: 145 x 4

set 5: 155 x 2

set 6 (backsquat): 155 x 2

set 7 (backsquat: 145 x 3

set 8 (backsquat): 115 x 6

set 9 (overhead squat): 45 x 5

set 10 (overhead squat): 45 x 5

done. Over the next few weeks I am going to work the backsquat and overhead squat solely (for my squat workouts).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Deadlift Night

Tonight's workout:

Warmup - stiff leg deadlift with bar, deadlift with bar, deadlift with 95 lbs.

set 1: 135 x 8

set 2: 165 x 6

set 3: 195 x 3

set 4: 215 x 2

set 5: 225 x 2 (new personal record)

set (rep) 6: 225 x 1

set 7: 215 x 2

set 8: 185 x 4

set 9: 135 x 5

Single-legged Romanian Deadlift:

1 - left leg holding a 25 lb dumbell in each hand x 11

2 - right leg holding 25 lb dumbell in each hand x 9

One-arm power snatch:

1 - left arm x 10 w/ 40 lbs

2 - right arm x 8 w/ 40 lbs.

Good stuff, I wanted to established a good estimate of my 1rm, which I will say is 235 based on today's workout. For my next workouts, I'm going to notch the weight down and begin working on building up my working capacity and strength in this lift and really focusing on improving my form.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

another day to rest/recover

Gonna take another rest/active recovery day. I want to come back gatorade fierce.


Walked about 1.5 or so miles. stopping 3 times to do

stop 1: 10 chins, 20 pushups

2: 6 pull-ups, 20 pushups, 20 sit ups

3: 8 neutral grip chins, 10 hindu pushups, 5 pushups, 20 sit-ups

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


More of the same

Sunday, June 17, 2007


today was a recovery day. I did some slow walking, some barefoot, for about 60 minutes. I did alot of massage work with the foam roller and some tennis balls all over my body and plenty of easy stretching. I also ate a good bit of food and drank a ton of water. Tennis balls on the underfoot fascia is oh so good.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Today's plan

Today's gameplan, will post results after:

set 1: power clean 115 x 6

set 2: power clean 125 x 6

set 3: power clean 135 x 4

Starting now with the pull/chin supersets:

Superset 1: Chin (+ 60lbs x 4) + military press (110 lbs x 4)

Superset 2: Pull-up (+50lbs x 3) + military press (110lbs x 4)

Superset 3: towel-grip x 7 + military press (110lbs x 4)

Superset 4: Chin (+60lbs x 3) + dip (+65 x 7)

Superset 5: Pull-up (+50lbs x 2 AND hang at 90 degree for 5 sec) + dip (+65lbs x 7)

Superset 6: Frenchies with 20lbs dumbell held by feet x 2 + dip (+65lbs x 4)

Superset 7: 3 Pull-ups with 20lbs dumbell held + left arm dumbell snatch (40lbs x 8)

last set: right arm dumbell snatch (40lbs x 8)


1 - power clean 115 x 8

2 - power clean 125 x 6

3 - power clean 135 x 5

4 - power clean 135 x 4


1 - chins (+60lbs x 3) AND shoulder press 110 x 4

2 - pull-up (+50lbs x 3) AND shoulder press 110 x 3

3 - towel-grip x 6 AND shoulder press 110 x 2

4 - chins (+60lbs x 2) AND dips (+70lbs x 6)

5 - pull-up (+50lbs x 1 and hang at 90 for 5 seconds) AND dips (+70lbs x 5)

6 - chin frenchies with 20lbs dumbell held by feet x almost pulled up for 2 AND right-arm one-arm snatch (40lbs x 8)

7 - chins with 20 lbs dumbell held by feet (1 plus 5 second hang at 90 degree elbow bend for 5 seconds) AND left-arm one-arm snatch (35 lbs x 8)

foam roller work at home

gonna take a couple of days to recover via walking, eating, sleeping, and maybe playing some vball or disc golf

And laying off the energy drinks (except coffee w/ breakfast)....

I happened to meet a former olympic style weightlifting competitor who informed me how injured all his buddies are from it.... bad omen. Anyhow, it was nice to finally see another person doing some of these exercises and really cool to actually see what I imagine is pretty decent form for the first time in person. I have decided that any snatching I do will be of the one-arm variety for a good while. I do want to begin to work on overhead squatting some in addition to my front and back squatting. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to a couple of break days for recovering and refreshing my mind and body.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Today and yesterday


Morning: 2.5-3 miles run; approx 23 mins


set 1: Barbell bench press 135 x 10

set 2: 155 x 10

set 3: 185 x 4

Dumbell incline press:

set 1: 30lbs/arm x 10

set 2: 35lbs/arm x 10

set 3: 40lbs/arm x 10

set 4: one arm snatch: 40 lbs x 10 right arm x 8 left arm

set 5: dumbell incline 45lbs/arm x 7

grip work:

2 sets each wrist curl, reverse wrist curl, 2x10lbs plate pinch pickup, bar squeeze up


ran for 12 mins, 2 sets of pullups x 8 (2nd set in L-seat position), 2 sets of pushups slow x 15

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Mornings Workout

Warm-up: 5 minutes in sauna, 5 minutes on treadmill walking, 10 front squats with bar

Front Squats:

set 1: 105 x 8

2: 115 x 8

3: 135 x 5

4: 135 x 4

5: 145 x 3

6: 145 x 3

7: 135 x 4

8: 135 x 4

cool down walking for 10 min on treadmill

I will definately step up the weight next time

Monday, June 11, 2007

More deadlifting

Tonight's workout:

warm up: 5 minutes on treadmill, 15 slow stiff leg deadlift with bar, 10 deadlifts with 95 lbs.


set 1: 145 x 8

set 2: 165 x 6

set 3: 185 x 4

set 4: 205 x 2

set 5: 205 x 2

set 6: 185 x 4

set 7: 165 x 6

One-legged Romanian deadlifts holding a 25lb dumbell in each hand:

set 1 (left leg): 12 slow reps

set 2 (right): 10 slow reps

One-arm dumbell snatch:

set 1: 30 lbs x 15

set 2 (left): 30 lbs x 12

Good stuff


Played beach volleyball for 4 or 5 hours. I am sore as shite today and sun burnt to hell.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

More stuff last night

Throw in a 2.5 mile walk up to the bar and back home last night. Fueled by the acapulco sports drink (energy drink + tequila)


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Today's gear

Today's cardio workout:

1 - walk .5 miles

2 - then ran intervale (sprint straightway, slow jog turns) at a dirt high school track for 1 mile plus 1 extra straightaway (9 sprint total)

3 - walk .75 miles

My legs should be F'd up

Friday, June 8, 2007

Today is OFF

Not gonna do anything today except cookout a ton of food after I get off and maybe float around in a pool like a piece of driftwood.

Also of note: Had another night of really long seeming vivid strange dreams after taking ZMA again. Its kind of fun (until I have the really long vivid nightmare and wake-up sweaty and crying like a distressed little school girl).

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Vader Time

Tonight's workout:

Duplicate workout from last friday, but I will try to squeeze out more reps with every single set without breaking down in my form. I will post the results afterwards....


Ok, so it wasn't an exact duplicate. I was feeling quite juiced so I added some stuff:

Warm-up on treadmill for 5 minutes. Warm-up doing hang cleans with bar.

Set 1: Hang cleans (95lbs x 8)

Set 2: Hang clean (115lbs x 6)

Set 3: Power clean (105lbs x 8)

Set 4: Power clean (115lbs x 6)

Starting now with the pull/chin supersets:

Superset 1: Chin (+55lbs x 4) + military press (105lbs x 4)

Superset 2: Pull-up (+45lb x 3) + dive-bomb pushups x 12 + pushups x 3

Superset 3: towel-grip x 7 + military press (105lbs x 4)

Superset 4: Chin (+55lbs x 3 AND hang at 90 degree for 5 sec) + dive-bomb pushup x 10 + puhsups x 5

Superset 5: Pull-up (+45lbs x 2 AND hang at 90 degree for 5 sec) + dip (+60lbs x 7)

Superset 6: Frenchies with 15lbs dumbell held by feet x 2 + dip (+60lbs x 4)

Superset 7: 3 Pull-ups with 15lbs dumbell held + left arm dumbell snatch (40lbs x 7)

last set: right arm dumbell snatch (40lbs x 8)

This workout felt downright good and painful

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tonight's plan + some random nutritional info

Tonight after work will be some sprintin/fast jog/slow jog interval running.

I have started taking ZMA (zinc + magnesium aspartate; this one also containes some herbal sleep aids... hops/valerian root and some vitamin B6) as a sleep aid (and because I have read alot of literature referencing zinc/mineral depletion occurring in athletes; plus its cheap and I figure it won't hurt) for the last 2 days. I have had multiple strange, long, and detailed dreams for the last 2 nights and feel like I am waking up from a coma-like sleep in the morning, but it sure does make me pass out nice. I will be checking this out on a trial run for this month.

I have also been taking about 6,000 mg of fish oil (1,080 EPA, 720 DHA; 1800mg total) w/ 2,000 mg coming during each of 3 larger meals/snacks of the day.

I also take a daily time-release multivitamin w/ an excess of some B-vitamins which gives me neon lemonade piss (not neccessarily a good thing, but not a problem considering the other benefits of the vitamin).


Went for a 17 minute jog + 5 minute walk. Intervals just weren't happening today. My quads felt pretty killed, most likely from yesterday's squatting. I think I need to rethink my timing in regards to these interval runs, namely doing them sometimes not the day after squatting.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Front Squats tonight

Tonight was front squats:

Warm-up on treadmill for 5 minutes and 10 reps and with bar. Then 10 reps with 105.

set 1: 115 x 8

set 2: 125 x 6

set 3: 135 x 4

set 4: 135 x 2 (failed 3rd attempt)

set 5: 125 x 3

set 6: 125 x 2

set 7: Back Squat -- 125 x 3

followed up with two sets each of wrist curls w/ 45 lb barbell, reverse wrist curls with 25 lb EZ curl bar, pinch-to-grip (roll bar up with fingers into full grip of bar from bar hanging in fingertips/thumb grip) with 45 lb barbell, hammer wrist curls w/ 12lb dumbell, set to failure of Trainer gripper.

sauna for 10 min

last evening

run 1.5 miles, walk .25

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Today Smash

Warm up: 10 minutes on treadmill, 10 stiff-leg deadlifts with bar, 10 deadlifts with 95 lbs.

Set 1: Deadlift (135lbs x 10)
Set 2: Deadlift (155lbs x 10)
Set 3: Deadlift (185lbs x 4)
Set 4: Deadlift (185lbs x 2)

Set 5: One-legged romanian deadlift (35 lbs x 10)
Set 6: One-legged romanian deadlift (35 lbs x 10, other leg)

Set 7: Dumbell snatch (two-arm) 35 lbs x 8 + one-arm snatch (right) x 7 + one-arm snatch (left) x 6

Cool Down: 10 minutes on treadmill

Back to heavy stuff


Warmup: 11 pull-ups, 20 military press with bar


1: pull-up (+ 45 lbs x 3) AND barbell military press 105lbs x 4

2: chin-up (+55 lbs x 4) AND barbell military press 100lbs x 4

3: towel-grip chin x 6 + AND barbell military press 100lbs x 3 + 1 push press consecutive (basically cheated one more rep)

4: pull-up (+45 lbs x 3) AND dips (+55 lbs x 8)

5: chin-up (+55 lbs x 3) w/ hang with elbow at 90 degrees for 5 seconds AND dips (+55 lbs x 7)

6: frenchies, pull-up style (+10lbs x 2) AND one-arm snatch w/ 35lbs x 12 (right-arm)

7: frenchies, chin-up style (+10lbs x 2) AND one-arm snatch w/ 35lbs x 10 (left arm)


hungover, off, worthless

caught up now

last wednesday & thursday

Wed: walking for 40 minutes

Thurs: off

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


warm consisted of about 20 front squats with the bar:

Set 1: front squats (95lbs x 10)
2: front squats (95lbs x 12)
3: front squats (95lbs x 7)

4: hang cleans (95lbs x 7)
5: power cleans(95lbs x 9)

6: single leg romanian dead lifts (25lbs x 12 / leg)
7: single leg romanian dead lifts (30lbs x 10 / leg ; 9 w/ left leg)


Monday, May 28, 2007


Warm-up: 5 minutes walking on treadmill + set of 20 on bench with bar


1 - chins x 11 AND barbell bench press 145 x 12

2 - pull-ups x 9 AND bench press 155 x 10

3 - chin frenchies x 2 AND bench press 165 x 8 then failure

4 - pull-ups x 7 AND dips x 8

5 - ez-curl bar curls (+25 lbs.) x 10 AND dips x 10

6 - ez-curl bar curls (+25 lbs.) x 8 AND dips x 8

final exercise not superset:

set 1: one-arm snatch (right) w/ 30 lb dumbell x 15

set 2: one-arm snach (left) w/ 30 lb dumbell x 12

One arm snatch make me want to chunder all over myself

Finished things up with sauna for 10 min


Sunday: 20 minute jog + 10 minute walk


12lb. medicine ball workout at home:

2 sets of walking knee-to-ground lunges with medicine ball held directly overhead.

2 sets of single-legged romanian deadlifts holding ball (~15 reps per leg x 2)

2 sets: alternating hand toss n' catch

2 sets: explosive hurl n' stop

1 set: squats with ball out front

2 sets: single leg squat with ball out front

2 sets: swing toss n' catch

Saturday, May 26, 2007

yesterday's workout

Ran outside for 30 minutes. It was nice. I'm out of running shape. Carrying around an extra 10lbs. really makes running more of a workout. Fuggetaboutit, get diesel.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tonight's workout

Workout just finished:


barbell bench press about 20 reps with the bar, then about 10 reps w/ 95lbs on bar

superset 1: 10 pull-ups (thick bar) & bench press (135 x 12)

superset 2: 8 chins & bench press (155 x 10) **last rep completed with adrenaline scare !**

superset 3: 4 neutral-grip pull up ---> 2 regular pull-ups --> 1 chin supersetted with bench press (155 x 7)

superset 4: 10 dips & standing bicep curls (ez-curl bar + 20lbs. x 12)

superset 5: 8 dips & standing curls (ez + 30lbs x 6)

superset 6: 8 dips & standing curls (ez +25lbs x almost 7 reps.. burnout)

one-arm dumbell snatch: right arm 30lbs x 15 ; rest 2 minutes ; left-arm 30lbs x 12 (these are fun and a real heart-pounder as well)

Either the whey protein shake + banana + 50 mg caffeine i had about 40 minutes prior to workout or just this workout itself brought me to the brink of ralphing for about 20 minutes post workout, then it settled down.

Good change of pace workout, i know its lame, but its kinda fun to just get real pumped up sometimes (aka this workout).

I will try and figure some kind of lighter leg workout for tomorrow. Maybe some lunge-type work and single-leg deadlifts or something. Maybe a little bit of plyo jumpwork.



Yesterday was completely off day (except for a very short slow walk with the evil one).

Today I will be doing a high rep upper body workout (10-15 reps/exercise) for a change of pace. After a month of heavy stuff, I'm going to take a week or so of higher rep before I hit the heavy weights again.

Today's workout will consist of:

pull-ups/chin-ups: 4 sets

bench press: 3 sets

dips: 3 sets

medinal ball swing and catch: 3 sets

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

yesterday and today

Warm-up: 8 minutes on treadmill @ 3.0 mph, 10 one-arm snatch each
arm with 25 lbs.

rest 4-5 mins between sets,

Set 1: front-squat 95 lbs x 10

Set 2: back squat 145 x 10

Set 3: back squat 145 x 7

set 4: 15 one-arm snatch w/ 30 lbs right arm + 11 one-arm snatch w/ 30 lbs left back to back

First time doing one arm snatches, they seem like an awesome cardio type of workout and are kinda fun to do. Feels like some old time jailhouse shite or something.


ran intervals: slow jogging for about a minute followed by a 20 second sprints x 7 with 2 minutes of slow jogging before and 5 minutes of slow jogging afterward

This week is gonna be a week of higher reps and less weight and likely some changes in exercise selection to let my body have a little break before I get back on the heavy weights.

all finished

go spurs

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday evening

Another superset workout:

warm-up: 10 chins, 15 pushups with feet on swiss ball

1 - Chins (+50lbs x 4) and Hang-cleans (85lbs x 7)

2 - Pull-up (+35 x 4) and Hang-cleans (85lbs x 6) (I'm still practicing the form for these guys)

3 - Towel-grip chin x 3 and Barbell Shoulder press (95lbs x 5)

4 - Chins (+50lbs x 3) and Dumbel Shoulder press (35lbs/arm x 5)

5 - Pull-up (+35 x 3) and Dips (+50lbs x 7)

6 - Frenchies x 2 and Dips (+50lbs x 6)

7 - Chins holding 25 lb. dumbell with feet x 4

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Medicine Ballz

Yesterday was a restish day. Which meant tossing a disc around and then doing a couple sets of alternating hand-jumping-one-handed push press toss n' catches with a 12lb medicine ball in the parking lot of my apt complex. Quite possibly the fastest way I know to break a sweat. Also did a set of granny shot toss and catches with swinging the ball back between my legs. Did a couple of sets of chins up and pull-ups in my room . Only up to maybe 6 or so and not many sets throughout the day. I will likely go for a run after work today if this soft meat on the bottom of my feet will quit tearing up.

I also did two sets each of wrist curls and reverse wrist curls with 30 and 20 lbs. respectively (according the busted little total gym thing at my apt. complex, so who knows how accurate)

Clarification: The exercise I described emcompasses basically holding the ball like you are about to throw a shot put or something. Go down to maybe a 1/4 squat then explode up, jump, and toss it in one motion with a shoulder press/push press type of motion. Then when the ball comes down, catch it with the other hand extended up some bringing it down into the same shot-put type hold while doing another 1/4 squat or so to stop the momentum (which added up with a 12lb ball), then immediately explode back up and repeat. The idea is to make it a fairly smooth yet explosive transition from catch-with-arm-extended, down to squat, back to jumping toss with arm extended (top of push motion). You will start to sweat during the first set of these guys.

Another good option that may be good to practice is doing the same thing with a two-arm motion until you get the feel for it. And do guard your toes, cause that ball will take no prisoners when it comes to your little piggies. Homeboy that went to the market may not make it back to cook dinner if you know what I'm sayin.

don't cry for me Argentina

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Great Fitness Article

I agree with this guys opinion:

More stuff yesterday

Went and played a couple games of bball yesterday afternoon, had to battle my brother to the death and then resurrection (for balance of course). Good stuff. I'm hurtin.

Friday, May 18, 2007

light day

Went in the sauna for 25 minutes first thing this morning. Then went for a 1 mile run on the treadmill to loosen my legs up. That may be all for today unless I go for a walk later or something.

Steel-cut irish oats are the shit when you have time to cook em up. Added the staple walnuts and black/blue/razz-berries and it was delicious.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leg workout today

Just finished this workout:

Warmup: 12 minutes on treadmill at 3.0 mph

FULL squats:
1: 145 lbs x 10
2: 145 lbs x 7
3: 145 lbs x 3

Stiff-legged deadlift:
1: 95 lbs x 12
2: 105 lbs x 9

cool down:
12 minutes on treadmill, last 4 at 5.0 incline @ 3.0 mph

We'll see if my legs feel trashed for as long as after my last squat workout

Thou shalt not leave the bench ....

Unless you realize that you reallly need a spot for dumbell bench pressing. Or are Amare or Boris (which really sucks, i'm a spurs and suns fan and hate to see this kinda shit affect an otherwise awesome series). My workout last evening:

Warmup: 11 chin ups, 25 push ups

Superset 1: chin-up (+ 35lb x 5) & dumbell bench (70 lbs/arm x 4)

2: towel-grip chin x 5 + pushup with toes only on swiss ball x 12

3: pull-up (+ 35 lb x 3) & dumbell shoulder press (35 lbs/arm x 5)

4: frenchies (+10lb x 2) & dumbell shoulder press (35 lbs/arm x 4)

5: chin-up (+45lb x 3) & dip (+45 lb x 6)

6: towel-grip chin x 3 & dip (+45 lb x 6)

7: pull-up (+ 25lb x 2) + chin (25lb x 1) & explosive medicine ball toss 8lb x pain

I'm growing more and more fond of this workout. With about 3 minutes between each superset, its fairly efficient. Im almost always out within 45 minutes and it feels like I get alot done each time. I think my grip strength is increasing because the towel grip chins are getting easier each time. Im also growing some gnarly calluses from getting skin pinched when holding the bar. I will need to sand these down so they don't shred off taking half of my palm along with them.

Got some Costa Rican coffee today and brewed it in the french press. That is some delicious stuff, damn I would drink it all day long if heart palpitations weren't an issue.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gripping CoC s

I received the CoC #1 and #2 grippers last night in the mail. I was able to close the #1 immediately with my right hand, but not with the left. The #2 was about a 1/2" from closing with the right hand. Gotta be careful, my hand/wrist is already sore today just for doing a couple singles with these grippers. I will ease into training these, because I wouldn't max out on any other kind of strength training exercise 20 times in a one day. Its harder to remember this with hands for some reason.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


going to take the night off because I'm tried a few chins when I got home and definately felt a sharp pain in my right bicep. I had noticed this throughout the day, but was gonna work through it. Better give it a night. Must be some weird strain from ballin yesterday that I didn't notice until today. Anyhow, heal blisters...heal bicep. I need some yak milk for its world renowned healing power.



Lateness, but I'm posting:

I did the workout I had posted I was going to on friday. Warm-up was 12 pull-ups and 30 pushups. I switched to regular bench for time/convenience/spotter reasons and did 155 x 10 and 185 x 4 instead of the dumbell sets. I couldnt' complete as many reps as hoped on the almost to failure sets for each of the supersets when I did them for the second tim (see 1 rep for the last weighted pull set) but it was a good overall workout.

***Updated, found my sheet that I wrote it down with***

set 1: pull-up (+35 lb x 3) & barbell bench press 155 x 10
2: towel-grip x 5 & bench 185 x 4
3: chin (+45 lb x 3) & barbell shoulder press 95 x 5
4: frenchies x 2 & shoulder press 95 x 4
5: pull-up (+35 lb x 2) & dips (+45 lb x 7)
6: towel-grip x 3 & dips (+45 x 5)
7: chin (45lb x 1) + 90 degree hold chin for 5 seconds & explosive medicine ball set x love
8: explosive medicine ball set x pain

***end updated info***

Saturday was 2 sets of ass-to-grass squats (135 x 13 and 135 x 7). Which I'm still a little sore from. Also included were 2 sets of stiff leg dead lifts at 95 x 12 and 105 x 10.

Sunday was a rest day and I played some full court bball last night (Mon) for the first time in forever (and it showed). I definately have some baby feet going on right now as I got blisters from just 1 game to 16, time to get some calluses going so I can play whenever I want without turning the outside layer of skin into a removable sock. (Thanks sweaty feet gods).

Today is going to be a weighted pull-up workout similar to what I did on friday except I think that I will switch to the dumbells for shoulder press and bench press for a change of pace.

High Five

Friday, May 11, 2007

Last night was a light night. Did a couple sets of finger push-ups x 4, a set of regular push-ups, and a set of hindu pushups. Did reverse curls with 5lbs dumbels and pinch pickups with all my fingers with the 5 lb dumbells. Destroyed the Trainer gripper all day and night as well. I"m ready for the #1 and #2 to arrive in the mail.

Tonight's goal workout:

Warm-up: 10 minutes on treadmill walking/jogging, near max set of pull-ups, and 30 pushups

Superset 1: pull ups (+35 lbs) x 3 & dumb-bell bench 75 lbs each hand x 5

2: towel-grip chins x 3 & dumbell bench 75lbs x near failure

3: chins (+45 lbs) x 3 & barbell shoulder press 95lbs x 4

4: frenchies (bodyweight) x 3 & barbell shoulder press 95 lbs x near failure

5: pull ups (+35lbs) x 3 & dips (+45lbs) x 7

6: towel-grip chins x 3 & dips (+45lbs) x near failure

7: frenchies x 3 & explosive medicine ball toss n' stop x pain

This has been the layout of my serious pulling workouts lately. I like the supersets because they save time and get my heart pumping nicely.

should be a nice sick workout, I"m going to save all leg work for a painful day tomorrow and because i really want to work on my powerclean form (mainly gettin my elbows up and wristling more flexed back with weight on my shoulder and finger tips) without being whipped from other exercises


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Went for a 2 mile on the treadmill last night at moderate speed (16:00). Watched yet another exciting Warriors game, they've made a fan out of me. Anyhow, I wan't to give my body an easy day today because I have had some shoulder soreness that is taking its sweet time. I think I'll probably just do some forearm/grip training tonight and maybe walk just a little.

I feel like money this morning after actually getting 8 hours of sleep.

Way to go to all my peoples graduating this weekend. Now you'll have to start the creative phase of your life when you have to come up with clever excuses to get plastered on a random tuesday night.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Morning Jog

I feel the same about morning jogs as Stan's dad feels about cherry pop-tarts... EWWW.

Woke up, walked .5 miles, then ran 1.5. Didn't really feel warmed up until I had ran about a mile. Im gonna start implementing this neccesary evil occasionally since I finally have a sort of set schedule at work. Anyhow, it really killed my normal breakfast appetite as well.

Playoff basketball is really cutting into my rest hours, but I gotta watch them Warriors

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Last Night & This Morning

Warm up with 8lbs. medicine ball twists and lifts
Warm-up set of clean and press: 95lbs. x 5
Warm-up set of chin-ups: bodyweight x 6

set 1 of clean/press/front squat combo: 95lbs x 5
supsetted with weighted chins: 35lbs x 5

set 2 of c/p/fs : 115 x 3
supersetted with towel grip chins x 3

set 3 of c/p/fs: 105 x 4
supersetted with weight pull-up: 35lbs. x 3

last set of clean and press only: 105lbs. x 4 plus 2 extra power cleans w/ no press
supersetted with weighted chins: 35lbs x 4

set 1 weighted dip: 35lbs x 6
supersetted with towel grip chins x 3
supersetted with set of pistols, 3 each leg (while holding two 8lb. dumbells straight out in front for balance)

set 2 weight dip: 35lbs x 6
supersetted with weighted frenchies (10 lbs. x 2 "reps" --> hold at top of chin for 5, lower, hold at 90 degree for 5, lower, hold at 135 degree, lower)
supersetted with set of pistols, 3 each leg (while holding two 8lb. dumbells straight out in front for balance)

final set of weighted frenchies: 10lbs. x 2 reps
supersetted with set of explosive medicine ball toss n' stop alternating at diagonals over each shoulder and straight up until it hurt

This was a good shirt soaking workout.

Watched the warriors vs. jazz, I love watching the warriors just ball it up, although the jazz got the best of them last night in a close one. Maybe with enough power cleans, I will be able to jam like Boom Dizzle.... yeah right.


Managed to wake up early and walk for twenty five minutes. Hopefully this along with a glass of 100% tart cherry juice will help stem off some soreness today. Today with be a rest day (except for walking).

Monday, May 7, 2007

Went for a jog last night (~ 2 miles) when I got back into town and did a set of 2 frenchies (chin up, hold at top for 5 seconds, lower back down, then chin halfway and hold for 5, back down, then 1/4 up and hold for 5, then back down). Tonight will be a power cleans/leg workout/ shoulder press night. My body weight is around 157 right now. Gonna continue to keep the cardio rollin in an attempt to shed a little bit more bodyweight to ease the path to a one-arm chin.

viva la raza!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Power Cleans good

Last night=

After a warmup of 5 minutes on the treadmill and a set of 95 lb. power cleans (6 for warm up): Did a workout of 3 sets of clean n' press. (95 lbs. x 7), (105 lbs. x5), and (115lbs. x 4). Definately got the fuzzy tunnel vision on the first set, probably because I had been bent down getting my feet setup for a minute. What an exercise, heart is pounding afterwards. These are going to be in my weekly routing for a while.

Did 1 set of 3 pistols per leg (legs were killed after the cleans).

3 sets of chins w/ 35 lbs. weight belt. 2 sets of towel grip chings. 2 sets of 35lbs. weighted dips (8 and 7 reps).

1 set of medicine ball swings (done explosively).

Helped my brother through meat mawnkey workout. Similar to what I was doing when I quickly gained 20 lbs. of muscle and fat over the winter. I have since shed back down 10lbs. to 160 since I started running again and not eating to put on weight (at 170 I felt like a meathead for real, muscles were stealing all the available oxygen my brain needed to be using to think haha).

This morning = walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes followed by 2 sets each of wrist curls (45lb. straight bar for sets of 12 and 10), reverse curls (EZ curl bar, unsure of weight, reps of 8 and 7), and 10lbs. plate pinches (pinch two 10lb plates together smooth side out, pick up and hold for 3-7 seconds... it decreases quickly after about 3 reps).

I'm trying to make an effort to effectively train my forearms in an attempt to lay a good base for grip training and gripping weights in general.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm back, after being slack about posting:

In my last upper body work-out on monday I was doing the pulling sets weighted with 35 lbs attached for reps of 3-4 for chins and pulls, and doing unweighted towel grip sets with reps of 3. 8 sets were completed, each supersetted with 2x shoulder press with 85 lbs (reps of 5), 2 sets push ups, 1 set bench (5 slow controlled reps at 165 lbs), 2x dips (sets of 6 with 35 lbs attached), 1 set 8lbs medicine ball swings (i'm really liking these for some explosive core workout).

Tonight after work (workin 12-8 this week which is no fun as I'm an evening exerciser primarily) I plan to do some power clean work both to work on my form and get a crushing workout.

My door gym arrived on tuesday and kicks ass. I can crank out pulls/chins anytime I want right in my room. It was super easy to assemble (took 5 minutes) and requires no attachments. Get one if you don't have one.

I'm likely gonna order the #1 (140lb) and #2 (190lb) CoC grippers from Ironmind as I'm closing the trainer with both hands (multiple times with my right hand) and feel like some static holding of the #1 will be a good step up to increase my grip strength.

Anyhow, besides a little bit of a sore left knee (stemming from that 6-mile run last week), and a sore left lower back from sleeping on a particularly soft bed last night, I'm feeling pretty motivated and ready to kill some cleans.

alright nahw

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Did my upper-body workout last night. Felt pretty good. I was able to crank out 8 sets of pulling exercises. Did 5 sets (3 chin, two pull-up) weighted with a 25 lb. plate for 4 reps (chins) and 3 reps (pull-ups). 2 sets of towel-grip chins (3 reps), 1 set unweighted chins (6 for warm-up). I try to focus more on perfect form that cranking reps at this point. None of these sets were to failure.

Supersetted with each set of pull/chin was 2 sets shoulder press, 2 sets push ups, 2 sets 25lb. weighted dips, a set of leg raises, and set of bench press with 155 lb. for 6 reps.

My left elbow is a little sore this morning, seems to be a recurring theme after these workouts, gonna rest it another couple days until its pain free and ready to go.

I can close the Captains of Crush "Trainer" gripper all the way except for the last mm. I think I'm going to do singles and doubles with this gripper and probably some negatives. Just gotta fight the urge to squeeze it everytime I walk by it.

Anyway, its nice outside, I'm gonna go walk around, maybe a little disc golf. I may go for a short jog today, I think I'll save the heavy leg work out for tomorrow (some squats and deadlifts).


Friday, April 27, 2007

Today is going to be the Upper-Body Workout. My CoC "Trainer" level gripper arrived in the mail today, haven't been home to see if I can shut it yet. Hopefully I can at least shut it once, definately not gonna rush the hand training though. If you overdue that, good luck training anything else involving the upper body. So:

Alternating sets of chins, pull-ups, and towel grip chins. Gonna due 2 sets of each for 6 total sets. I will try and super set each set with 2 sets bench press, 2 sets shoulder press, and 2 sets of dips. If I can find a decent weighted dip belt at the gym, I'll try a couple of 25 plate chins for a little extra added strength work.

I'm going to stay off the legs today as I'm still a bit sore from that long ass run the other day.

The "Door-Gym" detachable pull-up bar has been shipped as well. I am really stoked about that arriving, then the overtraining will really begin (despite my efforts to resist the urge...)

I've devised a breakfast combo that is pretty nice. Bowl of oatmeal, cooked in Silk milk, with walnuts and honey or bananas followed afterward by a cup of coffee (black sizzyrup style, midnight, the darkness, etc...). It seems that this creates a slow release caffeine delivery system via the fat present in Silk milk/walnuts and the soluble fiber in the oatmeal which is gelling things up in the stomach all slowing down digestion to a creep. I don't get the jolt from coffee that I do when drinking it after most any other food or by itself, its seems to be a smoother dose delivery over a longer period of time. Either that, or I'm just placeboing all this up in my head and this all has no scientific validity (a possibility). Regardless, same end effect for me, try it tweakers.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Not too sore yet this morning. A little pain in the left knee and the same morning soreness in my elbow as the last few days. Today is for resting, completely ....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So I went for a run over to the lady's house. And it was a damn run... I'm estimating 5-6 miles with some serious hillage. I may be paying for this tomorrow.


Roadwork today ... Let em' work, Let em' live

Very minor elbow soreness when I woke up this morning. It is now gone this afternoon. I plan to do a longer roadwork session after I get off work, with some pushups, chins/pull-ups on tree branches and maybe dips if I see anything resembling some parallel bars (all in low reps, nothing close to my actually upper body workout). I find a nice chill longer run/roadwork to be money after a 10 hour work day (especially after sitting for 90% of that time) ...... relaxing, time to zone out even more than I do all day everyday.

Thank god summer time is finally getting here, everything just works better in hotter temps(including the very delicate swamp ecosystem in my ass area).

Been sipping on some home-made iced coffee. Whole foods 365 brand Pacific Rim Blend. About the cheapest I've ever seen for some organic coffee, and it taste damn good too.

spare chaaaaaangge

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yesterday I did the Day 1 workout (upper-body).

Today I'm doing 4 sets of pistols with each leg, going for a walk, and tossing a frisbee around. Maybe I'll add some frog jumps in with the pistols for a little explosive boost.

I've noticed a little bit of elbow soreness that is fading throughout the day. I'm may take an extra rest day from any pull up activity as apparently elbow tendonitis is a major concern when doing hardcore pull up training. I'm really going to make an effort to take this training slow no matter how bad I want to do it everyday. I also have a nagging jammed thumb on my right hand that seems to have been flared up a little from yesterdays workout. Oh well, it won't be easy, but few worthwhile things are apparently.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Start It UP

Hi all, this is going to be my training log. Its mostly for me, but if anyone becomes interested, thats great.

Anyhow, I've been into physical fitness ever since I start running xc and track and wrestling back in high school. I recently decided that it was time to make a few goals in my training mainly for motivation purposes and also because over the last couple years, I've mostly just been freestyling what I do and doing whatever I feel like with few concrete goals (fitness-wise that is).

So, current longterm goals:

1 - One-Arm Chin. Apparently this is no easy feat. I can currently do around 17-19 dead hang (no arm at bottom) chin ups, so I have a base to work with here. Its gonna take some work fo sho though.

2 - Build up my cardiovascular endurance. This has taken a hit so to speak from long breaks in any type of running and various airborne carcinogens. At my peak in high school I ran in the 17 min 5-k range and 10:30 3200m range. Although I haven't tested myself recently, I know this is somewhat far away at the moment. I don't really have a set goal in regards to my cardio endurance, but just want to keep jogging and doing roadwork to keep the boom box in my chest bumpin right. I'm more focused on the strength and flexibility goals right now.

3 - Improve my flexbility (weak-spots being shoulders, hips, hamstrings)

4 - Close a #1 CoC hand gripper.

Anyhow, here is my current training plan:

A TYPICAL WEEK (consists of 3 main kinds of training):

1 - Upper Body Workout - two sets each of two handed pull-ups, chins, and pull-ups (reps 4-6 per set depending upon which one I'm doing). Generally alternate which exercise each set, rest at least 3 minutes between sets. I generally superset swiss-ball-pushups, dips, and shoulder press sets with each chin/pull set, doing a different one each time. Shoulder press is 4-6 reps/set. Swiss-ball-pushups and dips are most like 10 reps all done in a very controlled motion to work on keeping muscle tension in my core muscles throughout the movement. Finish up the workout with forward and reverse wrist curls and rolling a weight attach to a rope up with a stick to build up my grip and hand strength ("Trainer" CoC gripper is on the way in the mail, this will be a good supplement for grip training). Quick two-mile run (16:00 or less). I plan to work on my two-handed chinning until I get to where I need to really start adding weight to keep the reps low. I hope to then progress towards some one-arm chinning/pulling training from there.

2 - Lower Body Workout - Pistols (aka One-legged Squats) or Squats or Deadlifts for 3-4 sets of 4-5 reps.

3 - Longer Jog = (3-5 miles)

I will tend to take at least 1 day of rest between repeating any given workout. I take more if I feel like my body needs it. I also like to throw in other activities like disc golf, yoga, basketball, walking, or whatever throughout the week (sometimes on a rest day). I have a tendency to really get overzealous when I'm into something, so warding off overtraining will be a real test, especially in regards to the chinning/pull-up activites.

I try to remember to stretch everyday with just some basic old man at the gym stretches along with a few select yoga poses (downward dog, cat back, tree, etc.)

****Important note: I do like to throw in different exercises from time to time just for a change or pace so I don't get bored to the same things everytime****

As far as Nutrition goes:

I generally eat 5-7 smaller meals/snacks throughout the day.

The staples of my diet include eggs, oatmeal, tuna, vegetables (usually stir-fried), soy milk, whole-grain cereals, Fuji apples, baked potatoes (and sweet potatoes), lean meats whatever my roomate cooks, and Wendy's chili (often paired with a baked potato from there if I'm lazy and don't cook something to bring for my lunch at work). I generally cook almost everything with olive oil (by the jug from Sam's Club).

I generally have an apple or banana and a can of tuna 2 times each day at work. Pretty sick snack for most people that sit near me to smell each morning.

The only supplements I take are a multi-vitamin, omega-3 fish oil pills, and a whey protein shake for post-workout recovery.

I drink coffee and tea (green, oolong, and occasionally black) once or twice daily, normally sans cream/sugar .... yeah, i'm addicted, it beats feeling tired as shit at work though and at least has some anti-oxidants goin.

I do drink beer, red wine, and liquor occasionally cause hell, you can't be business all the time, right son!?

And of course I don't follow this life/death style, because I got enough stuff to worry about without needing to fret over every morsel I consume, I do try to keep at it though.

Anyhow, enough rambling, I will try and update this when I remember.

take it easy