Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Lateness, but I'm posting:

I did the workout I had posted I was going to on friday. Warm-up was 12 pull-ups and 30 pushups. I switched to regular bench for time/convenience/spotter reasons and did 155 x 10 and 185 x 4 instead of the dumbell sets. I couldnt' complete as many reps as hoped on the almost to failure sets for each of the supersets when I did them for the second tim (see 1 rep for the last weighted pull set) but it was a good overall workout.

***Updated, found my sheet that I wrote it down with***

set 1: pull-up (+35 lb x 3) & barbell bench press 155 x 10
2: towel-grip x 5 & bench 185 x 4
3: chin (+45 lb x 3) & barbell shoulder press 95 x 5
4: frenchies x 2 & shoulder press 95 x 4
5: pull-up (+35 lb x 2) & dips (+45 lb x 7)
6: towel-grip x 3 & dips (+45 x 5)
7: chin (45lb x 1) + 90 degree hold chin for 5 seconds & explosive medicine ball set x love
8: explosive medicine ball set x pain

***end updated info***

Saturday was 2 sets of ass-to-grass squats (135 x 13 and 135 x 7). Which I'm still a little sore from. Also included were 2 sets of stiff leg dead lifts at 95 x 12 and 105 x 10.

Sunday was a rest day and I played some full court bball last night (Mon) for the first time in forever (and it showed). I definately have some baby feet going on right now as I got blisters from just 1 game to 16, time to get some calluses going so I can play whenever I want without turning the outside layer of skin into a removable sock. (Thanks sweaty feet gods).

Today is going to be a weighted pull-up workout similar to what I did on friday except I think that I will switch to the dumbells for shoulder press and bench press for a change of pace.

High Five

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