Friday, July 13, 2007

last night's workout

Walked 20 minutes and 15 at lunch.

Last Night:

warm up: chins and shoulder presses with bar


1: chins (+45lb x 5) AND barbell shoulder press (100lb x 6)

2: slow perfect form pull-ups x 7 AND shoulder press (100lb x 5)

3: chins (+45lb x 3 + 90 degree hang for 5 seconds) AND shoulder press (100lb x 5)

4: slow perfect form pull up x 6 AND dips (+60lbs x 6)

5: L-set chin x 7 AND dips (+60lbs x 6)

6: Towel grip chins x4 AND dips (+60lbs x 6)

regular set 7: one-arm snatch 40lbs x 10 (left)

set 8: ditto (right)

I was playing with my new kettlebell too. I was able to begin performing the one-arm clean (after smashing in into my forearm a couple times). I am exciting about some of the new exercises I will be able to do with this, I will probably practice them on a daily basis for the most part to get comfortable. I think the 20 kilo (44lb) was a good weight to start and learn with.


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