Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This morning:

Warm-up in sauna for 5, warm up with body weight squats and squat with bar, squats with 95lbs and 115 lbs.

set 1: 125 x 6

2: 135 x 6

3: 145 x 6

4: 155 x6 (multiple breaths between 4, 5, 6 rep)

5: 155 x 6 (multiple heavy breaths between each rep)

6: front squat (95 lbs x 6)

7: 40 lbs. one arm dumbell snatch x 10 (left)

8: ditto for right arm x 9

Notes: My left hip flexor was sore when I woke up for who knows what reason. It had a little twinge of pain and the bottom position when I was warming up, which subsided once I put some weight on the bar. It is fairly sore afterward, maybe I have a little strain on that one due to whatever imbalances exist in my leg/hip/etc. structure. Hopefully this will just fade out like most little pains.


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