Thursday, January 31, 2008


walked 1.5 miles at work

ran ~2 miles and walk ~1/4 mile at home

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


walked 2.5 miles at work
walked 2.5 miles at home after work

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


fasted walk in AM: ~2.5 miles

300 workout in PM, completed in ~ 1 hour

last Sun

walked about 2.5 miles

Sunday, January 27, 2008


walked 1.5 miles

last friday

did Gilad with the woman on tv, hahahaha, thank you for trusting me with your body

walked 40 minutes

last thursday

did 300 workout in two halves

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

walked yesterday

walked about 4.5 miles throughout the day. I was pretty sore from the workout the day previous.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

last night (21jan2008, mon)

Did full 300 kettlebell workout + 10 chin-ups at end ..... my shoulders are getting stronger, especially the left one, which is great.

Friday, January 18, 2008

last night

Did half of the 300 kettlebell (birthday dinner for the evil one).

Maybe I'll do the other half of it tonight before party time

last night

Did half of the 300 workout (birthday dinner for the evil one).

Maybe I'll do the other half of it tonight before party time

last night

Did half of the 300 workout (birthday dinner for the evil one).

Maybe I'll do the other half of it tonight before party time

wed 16jan

Ran ~ 2 1/4 miles

Monday, January 14, 2008

last night

Walked ~ 1 3/4 miles.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

last night

Did the same kettlebell workout. Finished everything except had to the pushups at the end with the ball on the ground instead of the handle. I also added 10 pullups at the end. I'm definately getting stronger/more endurance quickly because I powered through the workout faster. I also tore off 3 caluses which hopefully will heal up quick. My hamstring is still sore from lost in the woods walking, haha.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

lost in the woods yesterday

Went walking on some trails in the woods with the evil one. Got a little lost (aka 2 hours wandering). Ended up walking about 3.5 hours, approximately 10 miles. My outer hamstring is pretty sore on my right leg today, go figure. I will still try and do the kettlebell workout tonight, but will have to listen to my hamstring.


walked about 4 miles

Sunday, January 6, 2008

300 kettlebell

I finished the workout except for the last exercise, I still in no way can do 20 pushups balancing the bell on the handle. I did all 20 balancing it on the ball, which was still very hard. I will now start timing each workout and trying to rest less and less since I've basically complete it. The upside bell pushups are going to take some extra practice before I feel like I can do them without collapsing to one side and breaking my wrist.

Second go

I have to use alot of chalk with this workout because of how much I sweat while doing it. Completed every part of the workout except two parts, only putting the kettlebell down a few times.

Non-completed parts:

Reverse get-up: 4 right side and 2 left side. My shoulder is the weak link with this exercise.

Hands on kettlebell pushup: 10 on bell, 10 regular pushups

My first go of the workout

This was my first go, I don't remember what day exactly it was, but I'm posting catch up so...:
(see initial "300 kettlebell" post for descriptions of exercises)

1 - Kettlebell pass/hand-off around the body: 10/side

2 - Kettlebell pass/circle around the head: 10/side

3 - Good morning: 10

4 - Windmill (search this one): 5/side

5 - One-arm swing: 10/arm

6 - One-arm swing high pull: 10/arm

7 - One-arm snatch: 10/arm

8 - Clean/press: 10/arm

9 - Circular clean: 7R/7L

10 - Full squat/press: 10R/9L

11 - Cossack curl: 4R/4L (glute/hip muscle cramp real quick)

12 - Lunge/press: 10R/8L

13 - Deck Squat: 10

14 - Reverse Turkish get-up: 3R/1L

15 - Suitcase Row: 10/arm

16 - Crush press situp: 10

17 - Russian Twist: 20 side to side

18 - Pushup on ball of kettlebell: 10 on knees

This was my first go, I did put the kettlebell down alot to both rest and to watch the video some.

300 kettlebell workout

I've switched things up for a change of pace and have started doing a pretty grueling workout from a DVD that someone gave to me. Its called the 300 challenge by Steve Maxwell, a fitness and jui-jitsu expert. The idea is that you do this workout of 300 total repetitions without putting the kettlebell down on the ground (aka find some other way to hold it if you need to rest, which most humans will find neccessary). You can rest if you need, and he recommends breathing deeply while resting (you may not instintively do this).
Anyhow, it consists of 18 exercises which I will describe:

1 - Kettlebell pass/hand-off around the body x 10 each direction
2 - Kettlebell pass/circle (grabbed by the horns) around the head x 10 each direction
3 - Good morning with kettlebell held behind head between shoulder blades (triceps stretched) x 10
Search the below kettlebell exercises:
4 - Windmill (search this one) x 5 each side
5 - One-arm swing x 10/arm
6 - One-arm swing high pull x 10/arm
7 - One-arm snatch x 10/arm
8 - Clean/press x 10/arm
9 - Circular clean (think regular clean, except you dump kettlebell away from your body and swing it like a pendulum back across the body and then clean it back up to your shoulder; body must rotate 180 degrees from one side to the other to do this) x 10/arm
10 - Full squat/press x 10/arm
11 - Cossack curl (think side lunge/kung-fu stretch done while curling kettlebell up with two arms) x 10 each side
12 - Lunge/press x 10/arm/side
13 - Deck Squat (look this one up, keeping feet touching ground if at all possible) x 10
14 - Reverse Turkish get-up x 5 per side (alternating, hardish part of workout to me)
15 - Suitcase Row x 10/side
16 - Crush press situp - squeeze kettlebell between palms, do a situp while pressing it from lower chest to a full shoulder press at top of situp in one smooth movement x 10
17 - Russian Twist - think of getting into 45 degree crunch, then rotating torso back and forth while holding kettlebell, keeping elbows pinched to body x 20 side to side
18 - pushup on upside down kettlebell aka on handle (I have to place it on the floor because I am so far too weak/unbalanced to do this move with it balance on the handle) x 20

So ouch in other words. This workout is tougher than most that I have done, It will drench your shirt in a cold room.