Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm back, after being slack about posting:

In my last upper body work-out on monday I was doing the pulling sets weighted with 35 lbs attached for reps of 3-4 for chins and pulls, and doing unweighted towel grip sets with reps of 3. 8 sets were completed, each supersetted with 2x shoulder press with 85 lbs (reps of 5), 2 sets push ups, 1 set bench (5 slow controlled reps at 165 lbs), 2x dips (sets of 6 with 35 lbs attached), 1 set 8lbs medicine ball swings (i'm really liking these for some explosive core workout).

Tonight after work (workin 12-8 this week which is no fun as I'm an evening exerciser primarily) I plan to do some power clean work both to work on my form and get a crushing workout.

My door gym arrived on tuesday and kicks ass. I can crank out pulls/chins anytime I want right in my room. It was super easy to assemble (took 5 minutes) and requires no attachments. Get one if you don't have one.

I'm likely gonna order the #1 (140lb) and #2 (190lb) CoC grippers from Ironmind as I'm closing the trainer with both hands (multiple times with my right hand) and feel like some static holding of the #1 will be a good step up to increase my grip strength.

Anyhow, besides a little bit of a sore left knee (stemming from that 6-mile run last week), and a sore left lower back from sleeping on a particularly soft bed last night, I'm feeling pretty motivated and ready to kill some cleans.

alright nahw

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