Wednesday, November 7, 2007

last night's

warming up punching, dancing, freakin out for about 10 minutes.

jump squats with kbell x 10

front squats x 15

clean/press x 3 L + clean/jerk x 4 L
clean/press x 4 R + clean/jerk x 5 R

L-seat chin ups x 3 + 4 regulars (slowww)

windmills x 3 /arm w/ kbell

snatch x 5L x 8 R

front squat x 15

repeat clean/press and clean/jerk

pull-ups x 3 + neutral grip pullups x 3 (slowww)

side bends x 3 / side with kbell

front squat x 15

snatch x 6L x 9R

pull-ups x 8 (fast rhythm)

A scattered workout but I was just going with it because I was very energized

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