Tuesday, October 2, 2007

yesterdays workout

Sore ass (literally) today:

yesterday's work:

warm up - jumping jacks, figure 8's with k-bell, a couple swings with k-bell

everything except clean/jerk was done very slow and controlled:

front squats w/ kbell x 15
clean/press: left arm x 5 + clean/jerk x 3 (as shoulder gets tired)
clean/press: right arm x 7 + clean/jerk x 3
chin-ups: 4 in L seat + 4 regular
single-leg romanian deadlift x 10/leg

repeat exactly except clean/press or jerk was:
left: x 4 press + 2 jerk
right: x 7 press + 2 jerk

walked about 2.5 miles as well throughout the day night.

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