Wednesday, August 22, 2007

two days ago (mon)


everything 1 handed except for swings, pullups, squats

20 swings
8 clean/jerk (left)
10 clean/jerk (right)
10 pull ups
20 pushups
16 front squat
7 snatch (left)
10 snatch (right)

except clean/jerk went down by 2 each
snatch down by 1 left, 2 right
pushups up to 25

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Walked a mile and

Kettlebell workout:

20 swing
7 clean & press left, 10 right
8 pull ups on soccer goal
7 snatch left, 10 snatch right
20 front squats

20 swing
5 clean/press left, 7 right
7 pull ups
6 snatch left, 9 snatch right
20 front squats

Those front squats and swings are killer

I rested probably a max of 1 minute between each thing, kept my heart racing

I may try a workout with more resting at some point and do more reps or more set. Lots of options to vary

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Finally, back to a real workout

So after a couple weeks of moving (and helping others move), partying (bday and others), and taking a vacation, I'm back to a workout. And a hell of one it was (see me ralphing).

I walked 1.5 miles at work

Took the kettlebell out to a little park after work (still about 100 degrees outside at teh time and sticky)

Warm-up: jogged 2 laps around park

Everything with 20 kilo (44lb) kettlebell:

The cycle (short rest between each exercise, 30 sec - 2 minute)

two-handed swing x 20
one-arm clean x 10 x each arm
pull-up x 10
one-arm snatch right x 10
one-arm snatch left x 10
front squat x 20

rested for like 3-4 minutes

two-handed swing x 20
one-arm clean & jerk x 5 (left) , x 7 (right)
pull-up x 10
one-arm snatch left x 4
one-arm snatch right x 6
front squat x 20

(puke) . I dunno it was just the workout, or maybe the heat, but I was straight up cached like I haven't been since high school wrestling practices. I will be doing this workout or very similar for a while because it was quick, fun, painful, and outside in the sunshine. I dig it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


walked 2 miles at work. Moved some furniture.

Monday, August 6, 2007

weekend off from everything. Walking and helping m' laday move in and probably some kettlebells for the beginning of this week

Friday, August 3, 2007

5 days

Walked about 2.7 miles today when I got home putting me just over 30 miles for the last 5 days.

at work

3.25 miles at work bring me to 27.5 for the week. 2.5 + a little extra when I get home for a total of 30+ miles for 5 days. I was sore on day 2, now my legs feel strong.

Yesterday (Thursday)

Walked 3 miles at work + 4 3/4 miles at home for 7 3/4 total.

Total since monday: 24 1/4 miles. Shooting for 30 for this mon-friday.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


walked for 1.5 miles at work, then 4.25 miles when I got home.


2-hand swings x 20

1 arm clean x 10 x each arm

1 arm snatch x 5 (right arm)

1 arm press and hold (left) x 10-15 seconds x 2 (left arm/shoulder not yet strong enough to do snatches safely)

pull-ups x 10 (very slowly)

Thats puts me around 16 1/2 miles for teh last 3 days. Gonna shoot for at least 25 through Friday, gotta make sure I don't end up with puffy knees though. (or sand in my sniz for that matter)