Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Roadwork today ... Let em' work, Let em' live

Very minor elbow soreness when I woke up this morning. It is now gone this afternoon. I plan to do a longer roadwork session after I get off work, with some pushups, chins/pull-ups on tree branches and maybe dips if I see anything resembling some parallel bars (all in low reps, nothing close to my actually upper body workout). I find a nice chill longer run/roadwork to be money after a 10 hour work day (especially after sitting for 90% of that time) ...... relaxing, time to zone out even more than I do all day everyday.

Thank god summer time is finally getting here, everything just works better in hotter temps(including the very delicate swamp ecosystem in my ass area).

Been sipping on some home-made iced coffee. Whole foods 365 brand Pacific Rim Blend. About the cheapest I've ever seen for some organic coffee, and it taste damn good too.

spare chaaaaaangge

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