Sunday, May 20, 2007

Medicine Ballz

Yesterday was a restish day. Which meant tossing a disc around and then doing a couple sets of alternating hand-jumping-one-handed push press toss n' catches with a 12lb medicine ball in the parking lot of my apt complex. Quite possibly the fastest way I know to break a sweat. Also did a set of granny shot toss and catches with swinging the ball back between my legs. Did a couple of sets of chins up and pull-ups in my room . Only up to maybe 6 or so and not many sets throughout the day. I will likely go for a run after work today if this soft meat on the bottom of my feet will quit tearing up.

I also did two sets each of wrist curls and reverse wrist curls with 30 and 20 lbs. respectively (according the busted little total gym thing at my apt. complex, so who knows how accurate)

Clarification: The exercise I described emcompasses basically holding the ball like you are about to throw a shot put or something. Go down to maybe a 1/4 squat then explode up, jump, and toss it in one motion with a shoulder press/push press type of motion. Then when the ball comes down, catch it with the other hand extended up some bringing it down into the same shot-put type hold while doing another 1/4 squat or so to stop the momentum (which added up with a 12lb ball), then immediately explode back up and repeat. The idea is to make it a fairly smooth yet explosive transition from catch-with-arm-extended, down to squat, back to jumping toss with arm extended (top of push motion). You will start to sweat during the first set of these guys.

Another good option that may be good to practice is doing the same thing with a two-arm motion until you get the feel for it. And do guard your toes, cause that ball will take no prisoners when it comes to your little piggies. Homeboy that went to the market may not make it back to cook dinner if you know what I'm sayin.

don't cry for me Argentina

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