Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tonight's plan + some random nutritional info

Tonight after work will be some sprintin/fast jog/slow jog interval running.

I have started taking ZMA (zinc + magnesium aspartate; this one also containes some herbal sleep aids... hops/valerian root and some vitamin B6) as a sleep aid (and because I have read alot of literature referencing zinc/mineral depletion occurring in athletes; plus its cheap and I figure it won't hurt) for the last 2 days. I have had multiple strange, long, and detailed dreams for the last 2 nights and feel like I am waking up from a coma-like sleep in the morning, but it sure does make me pass out nice. I will be checking this out on a trial run for this month.

I have also been taking about 6,000 mg of fish oil (1,080 EPA, 720 DHA; 1800mg total) w/ 2,000 mg coming during each of 3 larger meals/snacks of the day.

I also take a daily time-release multivitamin w/ an excess of some B-vitamins which gives me neon lemonade piss (not neccessarily a good thing, but not a problem considering the other benefits of the vitamin).


Went for a 17 minute jog + 5 minute walk. Intervals just weren't happening today. My quads felt pretty killed, most likely from yesterday's squatting. I think I need to rethink my timing in regards to these interval runs, namely doing them sometimes not the day after squatting.


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