Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tonight's workout

Workout just finished:


barbell bench press about 20 reps with the bar, then about 10 reps w/ 95lbs on bar

superset 1: 10 pull-ups (thick bar) & bench press (135 x 12)

superset 2: 8 chins & bench press (155 x 10) **last rep completed with adrenaline scare !**

superset 3: 4 neutral-grip pull up ---> 2 regular pull-ups --> 1 chin supersetted with bench press (155 x 7)

superset 4: 10 dips & standing bicep curls (ez-curl bar + 20lbs. x 12)

superset 5: 8 dips & standing curls (ez + 30lbs x 6)

superset 6: 8 dips & standing curls (ez +25lbs x almost 7 reps.. burnout)

one-arm dumbell snatch: right arm 30lbs x 15 ; rest 2 minutes ; left-arm 30lbs x 12 (these are fun and a real heart-pounder as well)

Either the whey protein shake + banana + 50 mg caffeine i had about 40 minutes prior to workout or just this workout itself brought me to the brink of ralphing for about 20 minutes post workout, then it settled down.

Good change of pace workout, i know its lame, but its kinda fun to just get real pumped up sometimes (aka this workout).

I will try and figure some kind of lighter leg workout for tomorrow. Maybe some lunge-type work and single-leg deadlifts or something. Maybe a little bit of plyo jumpwork.


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