Friday, April 27, 2007

Today is going to be the Upper-Body Workout. My CoC "Trainer" level gripper arrived in the mail today, haven't been home to see if I can shut it yet. Hopefully I can at least shut it once, definately not gonna rush the hand training though. If you overdue that, good luck training anything else involving the upper body. So:

Alternating sets of chins, pull-ups, and towel grip chins. Gonna due 2 sets of each for 6 total sets. I will try and super set each set with 2 sets bench press, 2 sets shoulder press, and 2 sets of dips. If I can find a decent weighted dip belt at the gym, I'll try a couple of 25 plate chins for a little extra added strength work.

I'm going to stay off the legs today as I'm still a bit sore from that long ass run the other day.

The "Door-Gym" detachable pull-up bar has been shipped as well. I am really stoked about that arriving, then the overtraining will really begin (despite my efforts to resist the urge...)

I've devised a breakfast combo that is pretty nice. Bowl of oatmeal, cooked in Silk milk, with walnuts and honey or bananas followed afterward by a cup of coffee (black sizzyrup style, midnight, the darkness, etc...). It seems that this creates a slow release caffeine delivery system via the fat present in Silk milk/walnuts and the soluble fiber in the oatmeal which is gelling things up in the stomach all slowing down digestion to a creep. I don't get the jolt from coffee that I do when drinking it after most any other food or by itself, its seems to be a smoother dose delivery over a longer period of time. Either that, or I'm just placeboing all this up in my head and this all has no scientific validity (a possibility). Regardless, same end effect for me, try it tweakers.

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