Friday, May 11, 2007

Last night was a light night. Did a couple sets of finger push-ups x 4, a set of regular push-ups, and a set of hindu pushups. Did reverse curls with 5lbs dumbels and pinch pickups with all my fingers with the 5 lb dumbells. Destroyed the Trainer gripper all day and night as well. I"m ready for the #1 and #2 to arrive in the mail.

Tonight's goal workout:

Warm-up: 10 minutes on treadmill walking/jogging, near max set of pull-ups, and 30 pushups

Superset 1: pull ups (+35 lbs) x 3 & dumb-bell bench 75 lbs each hand x 5

2: towel-grip chins x 3 & dumbell bench 75lbs x near failure

3: chins (+45 lbs) x 3 & barbell shoulder press 95lbs x 4

4: frenchies (bodyweight) x 3 & barbell shoulder press 95 lbs x near failure

5: pull ups (+35lbs) x 3 & dips (+45lbs) x 7

6: towel-grip chins x 3 & dips (+45lbs) x near failure

7: frenchies x 3 & explosive medicine ball toss n' stop x pain

This has been the layout of my serious pulling workouts lately. I like the supersets because they save time and get my heart pumping nicely.

should be a nice sick workout, I"m going to save all leg work for a painful day tomorrow and because i really want to work on my powerclean form (mainly gettin my elbows up and wristling more flexed back with weight on my shoulder and finger tips) without being whipped from other exercises


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