Friday, May 4, 2007

Power Cleans good

Last night=

After a warmup of 5 minutes on the treadmill and a set of 95 lb. power cleans (6 for warm up): Did a workout of 3 sets of clean n' press. (95 lbs. x 7), (105 lbs. x5), and (115lbs. x 4). Definately got the fuzzy tunnel vision on the first set, probably because I had been bent down getting my feet setup for a minute. What an exercise, heart is pounding afterwards. These are going to be in my weekly routing for a while.

Did 1 set of 3 pistols per leg (legs were killed after the cleans).

3 sets of chins w/ 35 lbs. weight belt. 2 sets of towel grip chings. 2 sets of 35lbs. weighted dips (8 and 7 reps).

1 set of medicine ball swings (done explosively).

Helped my brother through meat mawnkey workout. Similar to what I was doing when I quickly gained 20 lbs. of muscle and fat over the winter. I have since shed back down 10lbs. to 160 since I started running again and not eating to put on weight (at 170 I felt like a meathead for real, muscles were stealing all the available oxygen my brain needed to be using to think haha).

This morning = walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes followed by 2 sets each of wrist curls (45lb. straight bar for sets of 12 and 10), reverse curls (EZ curl bar, unsure of weight, reps of 8 and 7), and 10lbs. plate pinches (pinch two 10lb plates together smooth side out, pick up and hold for 3-7 seconds... it decreases quickly after about 3 reps).

I'm trying to make an effort to effectively train my forearms in an attempt to lay a good base for grip training and gripping weights in general.

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