Tuesday, May 22, 2007

yesterday and today

Warm-up: 8 minutes on treadmill @ 3.0 mph, 10 one-arm snatch each
arm with 25 lbs.

rest 4-5 mins between sets,

Set 1: front-squat 95 lbs x 10

Set 2: back squat 145 x 10

Set 3: back squat 145 x 7

set 4: 15 one-arm snatch w/ 30 lbs right arm + 11 one-arm snatch w/ 30 lbs left back to back

First time doing one arm snatches, they seem like an awesome cardio type of workout and are kinda fun to do. Feels like some old time jailhouse shite or something.


ran intervals: slow jogging for about a minute followed by a 20 second sprints x 7 with 2 minutes of slow jogging before and 5 minutes of slow jogging afterward

This week is gonna be a week of higher reps and less weight and likely some changes in exercise selection to let my body have a little break before I get back on the heavy weights.

all finished

go spurs

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