Saturday, April 28, 2007

Did my upper-body workout last night. Felt pretty good. I was able to crank out 8 sets of pulling exercises. Did 5 sets (3 chin, two pull-up) weighted with a 25 lb. plate for 4 reps (chins) and 3 reps (pull-ups). 2 sets of towel-grip chins (3 reps), 1 set unweighted chins (6 for warm-up). I try to focus more on perfect form that cranking reps at this point. None of these sets were to failure.

Supersetted with each set of pull/chin was 2 sets shoulder press, 2 sets push ups, 2 sets 25lb. weighted dips, a set of leg raises, and set of bench press with 155 lb. for 6 reps.

My left elbow is a little sore this morning, seems to be a recurring theme after these workouts, gonna rest it another couple days until its pain free and ready to go.

I can close the Captains of Crush "Trainer" gripper all the way except for the last mm. I think I'm going to do singles and doubles with this gripper and probably some negatives. Just gotta fight the urge to squeeze it everytime I walk by it.

Anyway, its nice outside, I'm gonna go walk around, maybe a little disc golf. I may go for a short jog today, I think I'll save the heavy leg work out for tomorrow (some squats and deadlifts).


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