Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thou shalt not leave the bench ....

Unless you realize that you reallly need a spot for dumbell bench pressing. Or are Amare or Boris (which really sucks, i'm a spurs and suns fan and hate to see this kinda shit affect an otherwise awesome series). My workout last evening:

Warmup: 11 chin ups, 25 push ups

Superset 1: chin-up (+ 35lb x 5) & dumbell bench (70 lbs/arm x 4)

2: towel-grip chin x 5 + pushup with toes only on swiss ball x 12

3: pull-up (+ 35 lb x 3) & dumbell shoulder press (35 lbs/arm x 5)

4: frenchies (+10lb x 2) & dumbell shoulder press (35 lbs/arm x 4)

5: chin-up (+45lb x 3) & dip (+45 lb x 6)

6: towel-grip chin x 3 & dip (+45 lb x 6)

7: pull-up (+ 25lb x 2) + chin (25lb x 1) & explosive medicine ball toss 8lb x pain

I'm growing more and more fond of this workout. With about 3 minutes between each superset, its fairly efficient. Im almost always out within 45 minutes and it feels like I get alot done each time. I think my grip strength is increasing because the towel grip chins are getting easier each time. Im also growing some gnarly calluses from getting skin pinched when holding the bar. I will need to sand these down so they don't shred off taking half of my palm along with them.

Got some Costa Rican coffee today and brewed it in the french press. That is some delicious stuff, damn I would drink it all day long if heart palpitations weren't an issue.

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