Wednesday, September 3, 2008


walked fasted for 30 minutes, then pushups:

I hit the wall today on pushups:

set 1: 27

set 2: 17 (strugglin)

I decided to rest for 90 instead of 60 sec due to how difficult set 2 was

set 3: 17 realll struggle

set 4: Did 6 on knuckles due to wrist soreness, 3 flat handed

set 5: Only managed 7

So yeah, I had no chance at finish the workout set for today.  I will repeat this week 3 day 1 workout until I can move on.  I'm going to have to watch my wrist closely, I think I have a ganglion cyst, and it has become irritated I think from all the pushups I've started doing.  We'll see.  If it gets bigger, I will probably smash it up with a mallet.

Front Squats; 2 x 20kg kb; 5, 5, 5, 4, 4

I decided to forego doing windmills today as I still have some lingering shoulder tightness from last week, I want to give my shoulders some more recovery time before I get back into overhead lifting.

Balled hard for 1.5-2 hours tonight

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