Friday, September 5, 2008

this morning


Things I focused on: 
1) keeping lots of wrist tension and/or switching to dumbell grip to minimize wrist strain
2) going slowly and smoothly
3) actively breathing with each rep

Here's what happened:

25, 17, 17 (hard), rested for 90 instead of 60 .... 13 on dumbells for wrists .... 90 sec .... 10 on dumbells.

So, again unable to complete day 1 of week 3 in the "> 25" column.  

Maybe my current state of fitness or my body specifically does not fit perfectly into the training scheme laid out, because I can surely do 30 straight pushups at least, but I can't seem to move through the "> 25" column yet.  No worries though, I do not have a time limit for this goal and I plan to keep trucking as long as it takes.  I think what I will do is do the week 3, day 3 of the "21-25" column to try and build a little more gradually since it seems to be close to the week 3, day 1, "> 25" column in volume, just with more rest time.  This makes since for me as the first sets of 25 and 17 really seem to gas me for the next few i.e. seriously diminishing returns on the final sets.  

This is what happens when you drink espresso in the morning, you get all these scientific theories, while Debo in cell block 9 just does pushups all day when he feels like it and can crank out like 200, but alas.....

Did some crunches and flattened-lumbar leg lowers after.

When for a 20 minute jog and 30 minute walk later.

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