Tuesday, September 9, 2008

pushups today

STUCK on week 3, day 1, "> 25" column

I did 25, rest 60 seconds, then 17, rest 60 seconds

Again, I feel like these first two sets are gassing out my muscles

So I rested 90 seconds, then did 17

Rested another 90 seconds and struggled for 15

Rested 90 seconds and did 11

So I again couldn't complete this day.  I think I am going to take two rest days from pushups.

I'm then going to start again on this day, but I'm going to rest 90 seconds between every set from the start and see if I can complete it.  If so, I will move on to day 2, if not, I will start over at day 1, but I will move down to the "21-25" column and work back up from there before moving back to this column, hoping to add some kind of muscular endurance to help me get through this day from hell.

I also checked out youtube to see other people's pushups videos.  One thing I notice is that everyone is doing them extremely fast, wayyy faster than I am, and often are not going all the way down or up.  So here's the thing.  I could fly through the pushups using alot of momentum to shoot up and just fly back down.  I would definately be able to do alot more that way.   But,  I do not want to cheat myself.  If want to do 100 pushups in a slow controlled manner, just grind them out, making each rep count.  Not just bounce myself up.  I think I could probably do week 4 or 5 if I go quickly, but I'm going to stick with going slowly and deliberately and work from there.

The day that I reach a slow hundred, I will make a grizzly video of it and freak some people.

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