Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ephemeral training blog reappears (sp?)

Gonna try and start logging my training again:

Lets start with today:

185 x 6 (heavy breathing between last 3) ; 3 min rest
185 x 6 (breathing between each rep)
185 x 5 "
155 x 6 "

Single-leg RDL, dumbell in opposite hand
40 x 10 R/L x 3

Toe taps, heel on floor (tib anterior):
two sets, simultaneously tapping until severe burn

Other workouts include:
1. Back (+ leg) / bicep: deadlifts (not every week); pull-ups; seated or bent row; dumbell curl

2. Shoulder/chest/tri: incline barbell press (dumbells when without spotter); standing military press; weighted dips; elbow dips; Y dumbell raise; rotater cuff work

These are the basic workouts I do right now, alternating exercises every 1-2 months to keep fresh. Sometimes I will do stiff-leg deadlifts on squat day instead of single-leg RDLs. This varies depending upon how much basketball/sports I'm playing and how heavy my academic load is.

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